Consistently Drop Music

September 9, 2017 antbeatz

When it comes to success, you have to consistently put in work to achieve your goals. The same thing with music, the same for ANYTHING. The easiest way to do this is to have a set strategy. If you want to consistently drop projects, make at least 1 song per day and do it religiously. Don’t go to sleep until you have written a complete song, and if your really a grinder, record the song that day too! Do this faithfully everyday. Every month you will have at least 1 project of tracks, recorded.


This is a noisy world we live in. You can be forgotten so fast, so you always want to make sure that your making some kind of noise of your own. Be strategic and always be active some kind of way.


When you begin to stack up music you’ve made you have a lot more options and opportunities to do more things with your music. Always give your fans new fresh content to vibe to when they have been listening to your older projects for a while. Get creative, promote your albums with singles or mixtapes.

budget maneIf you don’t have the budget to purchase exclusive beats, just do your thing with non-exclusive beats. If possible, custom non-exclusive beats. It only takes a small budget to build a fan base and really start selling your music like crazy. You don’t have to print up all these CDs anymore, most people are going the online route to listen, download, or buy their music. Be creative with the tools you have and the resources available to you.