Live Off Your Music With 1000 Real Fans

September 9, 2017 antbeatz

Most artist get the conception that they need thousands and thousands of fans in order to make a living off of their music. Wrong! Really you only need about 1000 true fans that support everything you do. I’m talking about dedicated fans who will buy every one of your albums and attend  your shows. If 1000 people buy 2 of your albums and attend at least 1 of your shows in a year, that’s more than $40,000 in one year. More than minimum wage and a lot of jobs out there. It’s all about doing the math. Focus on getting 1000 true fans first. That way you have a reasonable target to hit that’s not too far fetched.

The other day my sister hands me a CD from a local artist. She paid $5 for his mixtape. She said she was showing support and that it was just 5 dollars. What’s funny is that I knew who he was and once bought the same mixtape about a year ago. I don’t know how old it was it could of been a few years old for all I know lol. He was still pushing it though, can’t do anything but tip my hat to him, he was grinding. But this goes to show you that people are still buying music like it was back in the day.


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Below is a video of music producer/artist Curtiss King talking about the same concept & article.