Build A Following Not Followers

Having a lot of social media and spotify followers is cool, but what happens if your accounts just suddenly get removed or terminated without any warning? You would have no choice but to start all over again.  That’s the main reason why you see people with backups and multiple accounts etc. When it comes to social media platforms or distribution services, you don’t own the relationship with your followers. The platform does. There’s usually no way of contacting your followers to let them know you just released a new project, etc.

The best way to own your relationship with followers is to obtain their emails and/or phone numbers. This data is very important, that’s why most of these platforms would rather own it for “themselves” than to give it to you. These companies use and sell this “DATA” all the time to other companies. You can make money sending sponsored emails to your following for a nice fee. All you need to get started building your email list is a website and an email marketing software. If you need a custom website for your business click here. Below in this video, I talk about why you shouldn’t be so caught up in putting your music on distribution platforms like iTunes etc.