How To Sell Beats Online

When it comes to selling beats, specifically online, it’s really pretty easy and not hard to do. It just takes putting in the necessary work to sell beats consistently. 

Selling beats online consistently requires you to constantly be talking to artists every day. When I first started making money selling beats, I messaged at least 50 artist every day. 50 artist per day is about 3,000 artist a month. 

Now you want to make sure you have a link to your website in your bio while doing this. People tend to be curious and want to click the link eventually. I started out sending messages to artist on Reverbnation. 

I would send out messages like “What’s good I see you do music, are you looking for beats right now? Here’s my site”. On my website I was collecting email addresses with a “download 10 free beats” lead magnet. Doing this I was getting about a good 20%-30% conversion rate. I collected about 2,000 artist emails in a short time.

All I had to do at this point was cultivate my email list. When you build email list, it’s important to engage with your subscribers. Some people subscribe to list and may not even know who you are or even remember subscribing to you. So you want to do things that get their attention to what you have going on. In my case, I started doing rap contest to engage with the artist on my list. 

Reaching out to artist and building an email list is called business development. It’s the offense side of business. Talking to more artist everyday gives you a better chance to be on top of mind when a artist is thinking about buying a beat. If they think of you first when buying a beat, it’s a good chance you will get the sale over the next producer. 

Like I said, selling beats is pretty easy. It’s just hard work in terms of messaging artist everyday. Most producers are lazy and try to sell beats online without collecting email addresses, messaging artists, or creating content that drive business results. If you don’t look at it as a real business, you won’t take any of this seriously and won’t be able to sell beats consistently every month.

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